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Every year, Malaysian Students’ Association in Japan (MSAJ) held the Annual MSAJ Career Fair which aims to provide a platform to connect both employers and Japan-graduate-students. It extends the opportunity for prospective employers to meet face-to-face with students across Japan who are seeking employment opportunities. Even though many students successful in getting job through the MSAJ Career Fair, some of the students also failed due to lack of preparation in term of interview.

In order to give better support on this aspect, we would like to invite all the members of MSAJ especially the participants of MSAJ CF 2014 to this “MSAJ Career Fair 2014 Workshop”. Through this workshop, you will get to learn about basis in interview skills and consult with professionals about your career choice!!!

Date : 4th of April 2014
Time : 18:00~
Place : スターライズタワー(
Contents of workshop (subject to change):

  1. Business Manner (15 Mins)
  2. Interview Checkpoints, Role-Playing (30 Mins)
  3. Group Interview Role-Playing (30 Mins)
  4. Q&A (5 Mins)

Register now!!! ⇒

※ We are having this workshop in conjunction with our MSAJ Career Fair 2014. If you are interested in joining our Career Fair, please have a look at the link below and register through the link provided.
※ There will be individual consultation session after the workshop. It is open to those who interested. Please bring along your Entry Sheet if you want to get it checked by the organizers during the consultation session.

MSAJ CF 2014 HP :
MSAJ CF 2014 Event Page :
MSAJ CF 2014 Registration link :

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