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Thank you for your interest in our Career Fair!

We welcome you to participate in this event to reach out to students from across Japan who will be graduating in 2018 and before. In past years, our career fair has attracted around 30 companies and 100~250 students.
We believe this career fair offers valuable employer-employee communication opportunities that benefit both parties.

For more references, please refer to the 「MSAJ Career Fair Past Year Reports (2010~2017)」 and 「MSAJ Career Fair 2018 Guideline」 attached below.

  1. MSAJ Career Fair 2018 Guidance [PDF]
  2. MSAJ Career Fair 2017 Report [PDF]
  3. MSAJ Career Fair 2016 Report [PDF]
  4. MSAJ Career Fair 2015 Report [PDF]
  5. MSAJ Career Fair 2014 Report [PDF]
  6. MSAJ Career Fair 2013 Report [PDF]
  7. MSAJ Career Fair 2012 Report [PDF]
  8. MSAJ Career Fair 2011 Report [PDF]
  9. MSAJ Career Fair 2010 Report [PDF]

★If you are interested in joining us, please★

by 2nd MARCH 2018 (SAT)


Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at the Career Fair!

For more information and enquiries,please contact:
MSAJ Career Fair 2018 Coordinator