Renesas Semiconductor KL Sdn.Bhd.
(Subsidiary of Renesas Electronics group) is a semiconductor manufacturing company.

We were formerly known as :
“NEC Semiconductors (M) Sdn. Bhd.”

On 1st April 2010, NEC Electronics merged with Renesas Technology, and thus RSKL was born. Now we are one of the largest semiconductor manufacturing company in the world.

We have three areas of technology expertise:
Microcontrollers: Specializing in MCUs and boasting the world’s No.1 market share.
System LSI Devices: Offering system solutions based on our advanced and proven technologies.
Analog & Power Device: An extensive, high– quality lineup.

Strive to provide customer satisfaction through best quality, competitive cost and on time delivery, and contribute to a world where people prosper in harmony to build our future together.

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