Hello and Salam Ramadhan everyone !

In conjunction with Ramadhan, we are happy to announce that our cooking contest is back! We are aware of this coronavirus pandemic, and would want everyone to stay safe at home. Hence, this year’s cooking contest goes by the name “Dapur Perantauan”. Enjoy unleashing your cooking skill at your very own dapur, record it and post it on Instagram. Make sure to follow the regulations below to get a valid participation.

We will be having 4 different themes for each week throughout Ramadhan and 2 winners will be chosen every week. Here’s the best part, winners will receive a package of delicious brownies, cakes and cookies from Kantan which is one of the biggest bakery store owns by a Malaysian in Japan!
Who would want to miss that ? .
Here are the regulations :

  1. Set your instagram account to public
  2. Follow MSAJ’s and Kantan.jp’s Instagram account
  3. Abide by the weekly theme
  4. Tag @kantan.jp and @official_msaj
  5. Include these two official hashtags in your post: #dapurperantauanMSAJ and #kantanjp

Everyone is welcomed to participate as long as you are a Malaysian living in Japan! (Anyone who studies in Japan but currently in Malaysia due to PKP are also welcomed to join us!!!) Grab this chance to unleash the hidden cooking talent inside you. Start cooking and recording now! We are looking forward to your videos. 😉

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