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Small Changes was founded in 2011, by a group of young adults in Subang Jaya. The idea of forming an organisation came about from their lepak sessions then turned into a session where good intention and ideas were discussed and made possible to benefit others. This has consequently lead to their desire in doing good for the Malaysian society as a whole.

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With a combination of diverse strengths and personalities, SC has found itself to be centred around network of young professionals– making its core strength to be the annual fundraiser in Ramadhan.

Today, Small Changes is currently being helmed by the second generation, consisting of a team of enthusiastic youths who are responsible in executing major constructions of the organisation’s framework. The younger generation whom was just fresh out of college back then was fated to meet the founders and were by the efforts and values held by  the founder’s team. We are in the process of realigning this organization’s focus whilst trying to capitalise on our network of energetic souls in.



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“Projek Mimpi”


Background & History

Projek Mimpi is a volunteering program that is hosted by Malaysian students from both local and overseas universities. Projek Mimpi was established on July 2015 with Jempol being the born place for Projek Mimpi. Since it was first held, it had gathered Malaysian students all over the world including the United States, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia and Australia. On 2016, Projek Mimpi continued its mission by going to seven schools in Kuantan, Pahang.

Projek Mimpi aims to promote education inequality in Malaysia, especially rural areas with two main objectives;

  1. To motivate the students to excel in their examinations by portraying extraordinary examples to the students and guide them on how to succeed in their exams.
  2. To expose the students with the numerous opportunities that are available for them to explore after they finish their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).

Projek Mimpi is also a platform for students from local and oversea universities to contribute to the society and help improving the life of the community.

How It Is Run

Basically facilitators spend one day doing a road trip visiting each school for three to four hours. Facilitators follow the same module in every school session where they have an ice breaking session, “Ted Talk” where they give a talk to address the students’ problems and motivate them, and lastly the facilitators are broken into groups with the students to engage more effectively to a personal level to the students.


Projek Mimpi 2017 Registration:

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“Projek Kalsom”


The Kalsom Movement which was formally known as Projek Kalsom is an independent and voluntary student-led charity movement registered in Malaysia as Kelab Belia Kalsom under Registrar of Youths (PPBM 8086/12) which specialises in tackling education inequality in Malaysia. The movement has been fully endorsed by Ministry of Youths and Sports, Rakan Muda, Education Malaysia in the United Kingdom and Ireland as theyll as the Malaysia Book of Records for the longest running-student-led motivational camp. Since it was established in 1994, the movement has benefited more than 4000 beneficiaries via its numerous initiatives and programmes.

Every year they plan their annual flagship one the week motivational camp which is held during their summer break in July or August. This year, to benefit more beneficiaries and open more volunteering opportunities to the public they are introducing 2 more camps which is Entrepreneurship and Innovative Camp and Confidence Through English Camp. To ensure, a smooth program they often recruit Malaysian students to be facilitators at their camp which will help them plan the modules and also run the camps. These facilitators are chosen from the application pool which was sent during their facilitator recruitment drive.

This year, their recruitment drive will be bigger than ever as they are recruiting more facilitators and the recruitment drive is planned to start on 15th of March 2017 and ends on the 15th of April 2017. They notice that most of their applicants either study in the UK or Malaysia as they are based in UK and Malaysia. However they hope that they could get a diverse group of facilitators from Japan as well.


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Muslim Care Japan (MCJ)

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“Muslim Care Japan (MCJ) is a nonprofit organization which was founded in 2014. The establishment was inspired by IPIJ members on Winter Gathering 2013. Our members include undergraduate, postgraduate and Malaysian people all over Japan.

MCJ is a sub organization of Muslim Care Malaysia Society. This organisation is created mainly to spread love and peace in this world by propagate humanity aid and charity activities throughout the world mainly in Japan. Our mission also includes in propagating Love and Peace value in Islam that can harmonize between Muslim community in Japan and Japanese people.”

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Teach For Malaysia (TFM)

Teach For Malaysia Description

Teach For Malaysia (TFM) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to empower our nation through education. Thousands of Malaysian children don’t have the chance to realise their potential because of many different factors, like how much their parents earn or where they live.

We recruit our country’s rising generation of leaders to be part of the solution to the challenges faced by our communities today. The participants of the two year programme, known as Fellows, will teach for at least two years in high-need schools across Malaysia. They work together with other educators, the community, public and private sectors, and so on, to impact lives in the classroom and beyond. Our growing network of Alumni would then become lifelong advocates for education and expanding opportunities for students, working as a movement to build an ecosystem of solutions at all levels of society – from the classroom to the boardroom.

Watch this short clip about TFM:

Detailed explanation about TFM in this pdf:
01a – Teach For Malaysia Brief Overview

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Second Harvest is a registered NGO

Second HarvestSecond Harvest1


"Second Harvest is a registered NGO that functions as a food bank. They collect food and 
distribute them to needy people. Please click on the banner to  apply to become volunteers."

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