In this faceless digital world, the relevance of student association is always in question. This question arises as we continue to undermine the importance of face to face interaction in our daily life. It is very important for Malaysian abroad to get together so that we are reminded of our roots. Therefore, I would like to congratulate MSAJ committee efforts on keeping MSAJ lively and fun for Malaysian students in Japan.We hope MSAJ continues to be a supporting pillar to Embassy of Malaysia. Students account for almost a third of Malaysian in Japan and MSAJ has proven itself as a platform to reach out to Malaysian in Japan of pressing issues. In addition, MSAJ has successfully promoted unity among Malaysian of all races in Japan.
My aspiration is for MSAJ to show more to the Japanese about Malaysia. We want Malaysian to be known as first-class minded people who are equally competitive. Other than obtaining good grades in university examination, this is best demonstrated through MSAJ handling of programmes and activities with various local parties in Japan.
To participate actively in MSAJ is not an easy choice for any Malaysian student. One needs to be motivated by the spirit of wanting to contribute to fellow Malaysian to join MSAJ. In this regard, I hope more Malaysian students volunteered with MSAJ in organizing programmes or activities.
Study hard, have fun, get together, join MSAJ!
Counsellor (Education & Training)
Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo
Greetings to all Malaysian students in Japan, join us as a part of Malaysian Students’ Association Japan (MSAJ), get to know more Malaysians and get connected with your fellow Malaysian friends through our wide network. I am Joe Yee, the president of MSAJ batch 2019/2020. As the head of MSAJ this year, I would like to organise more activities that can help to connect more private and government sponsored students in Japan. So, stay tuned for our upcoming events and activities this year!
I joined MSAJ two years ago while I was a sophomore, from an intern to who I am today. MSAJ is a platform for students to show and shine, it is a platform for students to organize activities and get together from time to time, it is a place for you to learn and gain experiences. I gained a lot of real-life experience, improved my soft skills and met new friends from all over Malaysia through MSAJ. I graduated from SJK(C) and SMJK(C) when I was in Penang, hence I didn’t have much opportunity to mingle with friends from other races back then. However, things changed after I join this big family, I meet more Malay and Indian friends in Japan compared to how I was back in Malaysia.
I always cherish the moment I spend with my friends and all my dearest committee members. Together, we work for the sake of Malaysian students in Japan, we spend time to organise activities, we volunteer and try to make the best out of the best during our student life. We might not be the best and perfect individual, but I am sure that we are the best team together. Thanks a lot to my team and I hope we can still stay in touch even after we graduate one day

Cheah Joe Yee
President of MSAJ

Greetings everyone! I am glad that I am part of MSAJ because it helps me develop my soft skills through organizing events and also provides me with a platform to mingle with fellow Malaysians. Studying overseas can be lonely sometimes so having a community where you are always welcome brings me comfort. Therefore, I hope that we can contribute to organize better and meaningful events so that Malaysians all around Japan can mingle and gather. Welcome to MSAJ and I look forward to seeing you all in our events!

Wei Min Yi
Vice President of MSAJ
I was hesitated at first before I joined MSAJ as I don’t have the confidence to carry the responsibility as a committee member. Plus, I don’t think I can divide my time well between study and MSAJ. But at the same time, I thought this might be my chance to explore the potential that I might have in me. So, I took the opportunity and challenge myself.
As an introvert person, it is my biggest fear to mingle with strangers and speak in front of people. But MSAJ had helped me to face my weakness and what’s more exciting is that MSAJ helped me to discover my new strength. I believe we all have something in common; we all face fears and we all can overcome them. The difference when living overseas is that everything is unknown and new. Which means, you will just grow faster and stronger in a shorter period time.
But, MSAJ is here to make sure your “firsts” happen as naturally as possible. We help Malaysians residing in all around Japan to connect among each other through our events. We also support students who are graduating seeking for jobs through our Career Fair. We encourage everyone of you to join not only our events but also be a committee member.
MSAJ is the only student association in Japan that welcomes students of all religion and races. Through this diversity, it allows you to experience diverse ways of thinking as MSAJ practice free discussion where we listen and exchange opinions among each other. You’ll also be able to improve your leadership skill as you will be given a lot of chances and opportunities to lead a team or be an event organizer.
The biggest obstacle when it comes time to change is fear. We have to remember that by taking risk, there is always a possibility of failure. But that failure will be a learning experience. If you are looking for an opportunity to become courageous and overcome your fear, MSAJ is the right platform to do so. You’ll be able to overcome your weakness or might even discover your new potential. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and break our own barriers to be a better version of ourselves!

Nur Afiqah Binti Adenan
Vice President 2 of MSAJ