Written by: Janice Koh Kar Oon.


Looking for really delicious bubble tea, missing “daufufa,” or simply looking for a

comfortable place to hang? Take a visit to “Chun Shui Tang” (春水堂), in Daikanyama.

Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, 珍珠奶茶, or 波’霸奶茶) is a Taiwanese tea-

based drink invented in Taichung in the 1980s, by believe or not, from “Chun Shui

Tang”, Taichung. This shop was also in fact, the first to serve iced tea.

The words “Chun Shui,” translates to spring water, whereas, “Tang” refers a hall or

room, where in the old days was used to welcome friends and other guests. Hence, the

idea of “Chun Shui Tang” is to “use the finest waters to entertain honored guests.

Beginning from Taichung in Taiwan, the bubble tea drink has come to occupy almost

every corner in Taiwan, and has spread abroad to many countries around the world

including Malaysia and Japan.

Having visited the original store in Taichung, I found that the taste, quality, and

ambience of the third branch of “Chun Shui Tang” to be open outside of Taiwan, in

Daikanyama, to be pleasantly similar to the original. The shop gives off a traditional

Taiwanese atmosphere with soft classical Taiwanese background music playing from

the speakers, warm wooden furniture, and the nostalgic interior design of the shop.

Besides milk bubble tea, the shop boast a variety of drinks, and has many other savory

items on its menu, such as “Daufufa” (豆腐花), “Tangyuan” (湯圓), and Taiwanese

noodles, which will give you a very hard time to decide on what to order. The place is

pretty accessible, and also a great place to hang or to work, as they provide free Wi-Fi

to guests. The place is often crowded on weekends, and sometimes during dinner time

on some weekdays.

Yummy Tangyuan and Daufufa!

Yummy Tangyuan and Daufufa!

Chilling at ChunShuiTang                                                                        Takeout Bubbletea is available too!

Chilling at ChunShuiTang Takeout Bubbletea is available too!

Beef noodles (牛肉面)and ZhaJiangMian (炸酱面) set meals that come with a drink and mini daufufa!

Beef noodles (牛肉面)and ZhaJiangMian (炸酱面) set meals that come with a drink and mini daufufa!

Do make a trip here, when you can. This place will be bound to leave a good impression, both for bubble tea lovers, Taiwan food fanatics, and for first timers. Have a nice Cha-Time!! 😀  

Ps. There are other branches of “Chun Shui Tang” (春水堂) in Tokyo and you can find them at this link. (Link in Japanese) http://www.chunshuitang.jp/shop/

If you are looking for more places to find bubble tea in Japan, check out this link.   

Tolong bungkus Milk Bubble Tea untuk saya. 😀